vulnerability cultivates growth

Vulnerability Cultivates Growth

Vulnerability requires practice.

Endurance Training is much less about repetition (doing it exactly the same) and much more about consistently showing up to do it.

Vulnerability, much like growing muscles, requires time under tension.

Over the past year, I spent 4 hours a week under a bar doing back squats, increasing my overall 3 rep squat by 25lbs.

Time under tension yields growth.

Time is something we already feel we don’t have enough of, and we certainly don’t want to spend our time in uncomfortable situations. But what would your workplace look like if we moved out of our comfort zone and were courageously honest with those around us? And then gave our team permission to do the same?

We get it, and we know it’s important, but practically, that’s not a muscle many of us have learned to flex.

Brene Brown describes vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” She goes on to say, “It’s that unstable feeling we get when we step out of our comfort zone or do something that forces us to loosen control.”

Vulnerability cultivates an environment of growth, and it’s necessary in developing a healthy and happy team.

Here’s the question I am asking myself as we roll into 2024: 
At the end of next year, what will those nearest me say? 

Only time will tell.