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Owning People

The brief summary of this concept is that transactional leaders focus on control and tasks while transformational leaders focus on building capable, competent, fully engaged team members who buy-in to the “why”.

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Are You The Wrong Bus?

Written by Randy Mayes Popularized by Jim Collins in his book Good to Great, the phrase “Get…

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You Said

Written by Randy Mayes Have you ever seen a conflict between two people that was punctuated by…

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Why Is Trust So Important

Written by Randy Mayes | DRYVE Leadership Coach Why Trust Is So Important People do what they…

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Shaping Your Organization

Written by Tyler Head | DRYVE Leadership Coach Shaping your Organization Three Questions that Will Shape Your…

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Giving is the only way

Written by Brandon Welch | Frank & Maven “How to keep employees” It’s a phrase that was…

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Transparency is worth it.

Written by Richard Ollis | Ollis, Akers & Arney Transparency is an interesting aspect of business that…

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vulnerability cultivates growth

Vulnerability Cultivates Growth

Vulnerability requires practice. Endurance Training is much less about repetition (doing it exactly the same) and much…

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What did you expect?

One of the popular sayings I heard early in my management career was “people don’t do what…

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Do you celebrate?

Imagine how your culture would shift if you put as much energy into celebrating your team’s achievements…

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If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

“…we used to experience disruptions followed by periods of stability, change now is increasingly perpetual, pervasive, and…

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Strategic Planning for 2024

Strategic Planning: Start Well, End Well

The new year is knocking on our door, and if you’re like me, you’re thinking about ending…

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