Randy Mayes


Randy Mayes is a dynamic leader and speaker, renowned for his expertise in leadership and talent management. As the founder of DRYVE Leadership Group, Randy is dedicated to empowering organizations to thrive in today's ever-evolving business landscape. With a passion for cultivating strong teams, he specializes in finding and retaining key employees who not only excel in their roles but also deeply care about the success of the company.

Randy's influence extends beyond the boardroom as he shares his insights with a broader audience through his engagements as a Vistage Speaker. Leveraging his extensive knowledge, he guides executives and business leaders on navigating the challenges of leading today's diverse and dynamic workforce.

Attracting and Keeping Good Employees | Leading Today's Workforce

Do you struggle with retaining and attracting the quality employees that you know your organization needs to succeed? Have you tried everything in the book and still find yourself seemingly fighting an uphill battle?

In this session, I'll help participants:

  • Gain perspective on the best starting point for future progress
  • Learn how to attract the right employees
  • Better understand the key concepts of healthy cultures

The Neuroscience of Leadership | Why Trust is So Important

People follow leaders they trust. This presentation brings to light several paradigm-changing insights that will elevate your leadership to a new level of effectiveness.

A certified expert on the neuroscience of trust, Randy will teach you:

  • Why the traditional approach to leadership is physiologically wrong
  • How the best companies in the world are getting their people to take them to the top
  • The secret no one ever told you to eliminate turnover, unproductively, and drama in your organization

The Art & Science of Coaching

Based on the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology, coaching is quickly becoming the preferred method of leading and developing your people. We will show you how to utilize coaching in your organization to improve results and improve employee retention.