Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning?

What does your business look like in 3 years? How about 10 years? How many team members will you have? Will you have more locations? Will you add more products or services?

Strategic Planning is one day for you and your team to meet with a facilitator to dream about the future together and then break those goals into bite-sized pieces.

How it Works

Traditional strategic planning typically looks like the leadership team building a plan and then bringing it back to the team hoping for excitement and enthusiasm. We find that this method often falls flat.

We believe that ownership is the key ingredient to successful strategic implementation. We start by inviting a cross-functional team to the conversation so that every department and key role in the company is represented.

Then, you and your team will discuss current trends in your industry, build a SWOT analysis, revisit your mission statement & core values, and dream about what you want your business to look like in the next 5 years, then 10 years.

Finally, we take that dream and build a plan with 3-5 key objectives to take steps toward the big vision.

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What You Gain

After your Strategic Planning session, you'll leave with:

  • Clear Direction
  • An aligned team
  • Buy-in

Who Needs Strategic Planning?

Every business needs Annual Strategic Planning. Markets, industries, and every organization’s landscape change over the months and years. For the best optimized and maintained plan, every business would not only do Annual Strategic Planning but also have quarterly updates to come back to the vision and realign.

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The DRYVE Leadership System

While Strategic Planning can provide unique benefits to your business, the true power of the DRYVE Leadership System emerges when these services are combined. Together, they enhance each other, multiplying their impact by up to fivefold. By integrating the full system, businesses can achieve improved communication, engagement, organizational design, and strategic direction, leading to a more fulfilled and successful team, ready to tackle any challenge.

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