Listening Tour

What is a Listening Tour?

An effective and efficient way to listen, understand and identify the biggest challenges in your organization. Want to know what your employees really think? A listening tour creates a safe space for your team to share their hopes and fears about your organization. This process quickly identifies your biggest challenges and gives you a jumping-off point to finding solutions.

How it Works

We facilitate honest and anonymous small group discussions with every member on your team – from the newest hire to your most seasoned team members. We split the team into groups of 10-12 and meet with each group for 1-hour to dig into their insights using open-ended questions. Each group is placed together based on departments or responsibilities to create a safe space.


What You Walk Away With

We identify themes and blind spots you may have in your organization and follow up with you on our findings, which include:

  • Insights Into Employee Perspectives
  • A Staff That Feels Heard and Valued
  • Potential Next Steps

Getting clear on the challenges your people see creates clarity and has the power to catapult your team into action. Engaging your team to find solutions together creates ownership at all levels of your organization.

Who Needs a Listening Tour?

Any executive who genuinely cares about their team and the health of their organization that might be experiencing the following key issues:

  • High employee turnover
  • A pattern of unresolved conflict on the team
  • Employees seem distracted and unmotivated

Any organization looking to grow is a perfect candidate!

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The DRYVE Leadership System

While 1x1 Coaching can provide unique benefits to your business, the true power of the DRYVE Leadership System emerges when these services are combined. Together, they enhance each other, multiplying their impact by up to fivefold. By integrating the full system, businesses can achieve improved communication, engagement, organizational design, and strategic direction, leading to a more fulfilled and successful team, ready to tackle any challenge.

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