With Who, What, and How Are You Starting 2023?

By Tyler Head

With who, what, and how are you starting 2023?

The new year is knocking on our doorstep.

I bet you are just as tired as your people of an unfocused start to a new year.

Shhhhh, it’s just us. No one else knows that the above sentence read your mind.

But…we can help it be the last time.

Strategic Planning is typically done at the top of a company with a small number of people and in a language most barely understand. Especially the bulk of the people who are 1, not in the room, and 2, the ones who bring the vision to life.

So, why do we omit our people from this process?

Excellent Strategic and Operational Planning has five key ingredients:  vision/mission, people, collaboration, clarity, and commitment. 

And it starts with a clear vision and mission.

Clear visions and missions go way beyond just making your organization financially successful. They point to how we will make the world a better place. How can your people catch the vision and mission of your company if it’s unclear, better yet, unowned? The “vision and mission piece of company culture is the “glue” that keeps you and your people working together in a focused direction. It’s evident you dream big; that’s why you’re reading this. But there is more to thinking big; invite your people into it. They will rise to the occasion. Aligned action naturally follows clarity.

That’s why we start with it during any Strategic and Operational Planning.

As leaders—it’s evident that you’d like to and are a part of something bigger than yourself. That’s a big reason why you do what you do and have continued. The bulk of today’s workforce—millennials—are making that discovery earlier in their careers. Millennials share a common trait; they have an underlying desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. According to Forbes.com, “64% say it’s a priority for them to make the world a better place.”

Which is how and why starting the year off “WITH” is so important.

  • WITH a clear mission and vision
  • WITH your people
  • WITH collaboration, clarity, and commitment

We can guide you through the whole thing. From start to finish—which can help you and your people start the new year with alignment derived from clarity and rallied around a vision/mission they understand.

Don’t worry. We’ve done this a time or two and thoroughly enjoy it. Actually, it’s one of our favorite ways to engage with companies.

Kick the year off right with Strategic and Operational Planning that sets the focus for the year and years to come!

Click here to schedule a strategy session—where we can discuss what it has or hasn’t looked like in the past and what it could look like starting the new year!