Slash Your Employee Turnover While Skyrocketing Productivity

DRYVE Leadership Group was recently featured on Maven Monday’s, a show hosted by best-selling author Brandon Welch. In this episode, Brandon taps into Randy Mayes’ wisdom on how to Attract and Keep Good Employees. See info and resources below including info on how to write compelling ads to attract exactly the kind of people you want on your team: 

Every business on the planet is challenged with finding good people to work. In the last three episodes, we gave you some rock-solid tricks for bringing the best to your door.

But the more important question everyone should be asking is:

How do I keep my current team happy and healthy?

If you want to slash employee turnover, skyrocket productivity (even in a virtual world), get your team firing on all cylinders, and put a cloak of protection around your best people getting burnt out, This Maven Monday is for you!

Randy Mayes from DRYVE Leadership group is going to equip you with a bullet-proof game plan for keeping your employees happy, engaged, and exceeding goals beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Randy has employed these exact tactics over the last two decades to transform Fortune 500 companies all the way down to Main Street businesses.

If you’ve got a team of any shape or size, you do not want to miss this!

You know what to do – Click the button to dive right in.

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At the DRYVE Leadership Group, we partner with companies to slash employee turnover as your productivity skyrockets. Contact a Culture Coach at DRYVE Leadership Group today!