Experience Matters

Randy Mayes, MBA

Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Coach, Trainer, Management and Organizational Development Expert

Randy Mayes has worked in the organizational and people development space full-time since 2005. Now as the owner of DRYVE Leadership Group and previously as the co-founder and CEO of People Centric Consulting Group located in Springfield, Missouri. Randy has worked with businesses across the country to create, build, and maintain healthy, high performance organizations that get improved results. Healthy organizations are ones in which people are growing both personally and professionally. They are also characterized by clear direction, fluid communication, as well as engaged and motivated team members.

From teaching people how to clean toilets to starting and running a cleaning supply company generating millions of dollars in sales, Randy has always been focused on training and developing people. After graduating with a degree in psychology, he spent the next several years managing in high-turnover, labor intensive industries – food service and contract cleaning. Working with thousands of employees and clients, he quickly honed his training skills and his ability to maximize human potential.

People are the difference. Randy has combined years of leading and managing with extensive research to develop a unique and highly executable leadership model that consistently produces better results called the Collaborative Leadership Model. He has used this model in all types of organizations and it consistently produces both a healthier environment and improved results.

Tyler Head

Social Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Culture Curator & Excellent Question Asker

Tyler was born to be with people. Since his first business partnership with a close friend in college, he has been deeply motivated to participate in the growth and cultivation of organizations and, more specifically, the people within them. Tyler is focused on the development and growth of people-leaders; as he says, “leadership rises and falls on our ability to better be with our people in the workplace.”

Younger in years than the rest of the team, he is rich in vitality, energy, and great experience. From starting and operating a successful business in his college years to studying at Universidad De Andres Bello in Santiago, Chile. Tyler is unafraid of taking a leap of faith. Shortly after college, he and his wife moved across the country for a life-coaching role with a Springfield, MO non-profit, I Pour Life. They were an integral part of the construction of their on-site coaching program and the development of their LifeStrengths curriculum and its implementation. Following his time there, his entrepreneurship and millennial approach to the workplace pushed him to start his next social venture called “Refine Leadership,” which focuses on Cultivating Compassionate Leadership Culture in the workplace.

Tyler started to take the responsibility of leadership seriously in his early years of college through his business partner and being a part of and later team-leading for a national Non-profit called Younglife. Furthermore, upon taking the role as a life coach, he dove into many leadership books and intensive studies; from there went on to study and receive top-notch training through the John Maxwell Team.

With his entrepreneurial spirit and deep belief in human potential, it’s evident that he fits in well with the DRYVE culture.

Tyler states often that he wants to be known as a “professional people be-with’er.”

John Gibson

Business and Leadership Coach

After being thrown into the business world at the age of 16 when his father unexpectedly passed away, John stepped into his new role with determination.  The family-owned and operated a golf course that he helped manage for the next eight years.  After selling the golf course, he had a successful sales career in the golfing and apparel industries representing brands such as Callaway Golf and Reebok/Greg Norman.  Eventually, he became the National Sales Manager for the Eastern United States with Edwards Garments before launching into Business and Leadership coaching full time.

John combines a unique background of running and coaching small businesses along with may years of high performing sales and sales management.  He has a gift for bringing warmth and understanding together with an uncanny vision for how people can clearly get the no-nonsense results they desperately desire in business and life.