Are You Encouraging People to Make Mistakes?

By Randy Mayes / October 25, 2022

By Tyler Head Are You Encouraging People to Make Mistakes? If not, it is unlikely that your business will be around 10 years from now. Psychological Safety – the room and space to take risks and make mistakes without fear or shame is vital to producing the kind of innovation it will take to keep […]

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Will You Bridge The Gap?

By Randy Mayes / September 13, 2022

By Tyler Head In this insight and the following couple, we will discuss the power of leading with heart and warn you about the cost it has or could incur on your organization should you neglect it. Leading with heart includes characteristics like vulnerability, cultivating psychological safety, and developing high-trust relationships, among others. We will […]

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The Human Connection – Being Fully Human Makes You a Better Leader

By Randy Mayes / August 23, 2022

By Tyler Head In the last insight, we told the story of a coach who made a conscious effort to connect with his players and coaches, even as the organization grew. In case you missed it, you can read the full article here. His impact was felt throughout the league. However, maybe shaking the hands […]

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Squeaky Brakes—Wherever You Go There You Are

By Randy Mayes / June 29, 2022

Early last week, I was driving through town as the sun set, windows rolled down, taking in the multiple shades of orange painted across the sky. As I slowly came to a stop, I heard a faint squeaking. I looked around and saw a couple of other cars also stopping—confident that that squeaky noise was […]

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

By Randy Mayes / June 14, 2022

Uncle Ben said it best in Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.” If you are reading this, he was talking to you. You have the authority to change the narrative in the hallways of your organization. You have the platform to speak into this cultural moment through both your actions and words. You have […]

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Lightning and Thunder: How your curiosity as a leader can serve you and your people better

By Randy Mayes / May 24, 2022

A couple of days ago, as I was driving across town, I peered over my steering wheel. I was captivated by the lightning that flashed vividly in the distance. Lightning is a magnificent and scary thing all at once. In a moment, it eradicates darkness. In the next, it is gone—shortly after comes a deafening […]

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Uncross Your Arms In The Boardroom

By Randy Mayes / March 23, 2022

By Tyler Head The “ask your people for feedback” model is not actually dead. It’s how you have gone about it, partnered with a lack of follow-through. In other words, it’s not the actual premise of asking and listening; it’s in the way that their opinions/feedback have or have not been addressed. This has deepened […]

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Three Questions that Will Change The Game

By Randy Mayes / March 9, 2022

By Tyler Head Your people are complex beings who hunger for meaning, connection, and shared purpose, as are you. I am willing to bet that your people are far more interested in doing a good job than you think. Study after study has proven this point. Your people want a deep and meaningful connection with […]

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4 Critical Questions Every Leader Needs to Use

By Randy Mayes / February 22, 2022

By Tyler Head Listen, we understand the exhausting dealing with today’s workforce can be. Business leaders across the nation are struggling with the same issue. How do we stop pointing fingers and motivate people to move in the same direction? Better yet, how do you get your people to move on their own? We’ve come […]

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Cultivate A Culture Of Coaching

By Randy Mayes / February 8, 2022

By Tyler Head Just because it got you there doesn’t mean it will get “them” there. Traditionally, it has been modeled that you have to know more to lead; you must have the correct answers should your employees call you for help. We all know that “knowledge is power,” and if you are going to […]

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