Lagniappe – do you have it?

Lagniappe, my friend Gina from Louisiana, told me about this Cajun term. It means “a little something extra.” Don’t try to say it based on its spelling. It is pronounced lan-yap. Try saying that with your best Cajun accent. So what does Lagniappe have to do with leadership? At this point in the game, everything.…

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Are you leading or lagging?

We frequently help our clients establish KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. They are simple, clear, and compelling ways for your team to see if they are winning in real-time. Indicators, in general, will either be lagging or leading. A lagging indicator tells you what happened. It is about history. A leading indicator helps you create…

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Use Your Words: Keep the conversation going

Use your words: keep the conversation going

I was sitting at a local coffee shop. In came a human train of preschoolers marching through the front door. True to form, one of those youngsters started pushing another kid. The preschool leader sternly looked at the child doing the pushing and said, “Use your words.” Conversations are the power cord for relationships. They…

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Do you measure up?

imposter syndrome

I have been doing executive coaching professionally since 2005. I have coached doctors, lawyers, business leaders, PhDs, surgeons, CEOs, and genetic scientists. As odd as it may sound, I have become convinced over time that one of the biggest things holding leaders back is not that they think too highly of themselves. They actually don’t…

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Pass on the Superstars

Invest in team players

Whether you’re a fan or not, Tom Brady is the quintessential “A” player. 10 Superbowl appearances and 7 wins statistically make him the GOAT – the Greatest Of All Time. His long-time coach Bill Belichick was recently interviewed and said, “He always found a way to make his players productive. It didn’t matter who the…

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Are you safe?

Show your team that you are a safe boss.

They have you surrounded. They are screaming and making demands. They want money and lots of it. They’ve taken control, and you don’t know what to do. Sound familiar? Just a typical day at the office, right? You could tell them what to do, you are the boss, but rarely is that the most effective…

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Are you focusing on the right thing?

shift your focus

I am a 64-year-old Baby Boomer. In the world I grew up in, leaders focused on getting results. And in most cases, it didn’t matter how many people you stepped on or used up to get those results as long as you got results. Focus is a powerful thing. It will direct actions and increase…

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What are they really saying?

listening tour

By Tyler Head That’s the fourth time this month. You just lost another member of your team to a remote position offering more money and flexibility. You were hoping to fly under the radar of the Great Resignation, but it’s kicked down the door of your organization and you’re not sure how many more people…

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Why Employees Are Really Quitting

Everywhere you go, the landscape is littered with “Help Wanted” signs. They are in windows, posted by curbs, and even showing up on major billboards. Companies are desperate for employees. In many cases, entry-level starting wages have almost doubled. Offering more money will not set you apart. There are too many jobs and not enough…

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