Unchain Your People From Their Desks

By Randy Mayes / July 12, 2022

Years ago, I sat at a desk on the first floor of a two-story building.   It was a beautiful building inside and out—we had great outdoor space, plenty of parking, and a full-functioning kitchen with a hangout area.   My desk was in a shared space with a couple of other coaches doing similar work as […]

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Are You The Only One Who Knows What Winning Looks Like?

By Randy Mayes / March 23, 2021

I frequently speak with frustrated leaders because their people aren’t doing what needs to be done to succeed. The conversation usually goes something like this, “they know what to do, but for the life of me, I just can’t get them to do it.” They won’t make the sales calls, they won’t meet deadlines, they […]

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Home Alone

By Randy Mayes / March 9, 2021

The way we work has changed forever. More people are working from home than ever before. Even if we get past COVID, a significant number of people will continue to work from home. As a leader, you can’t help but wonder what they are doing during the workday? Are they spending hours on Facebook, playing […]

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Is Your Team Suffering Separation Anxiety?

By Randy Mayes / February 23, 2021

Has all the physical separation got you concerned about your culture? If you are a proactive leader, it should. In its simplest form, culture is the way we do things around here. It is a set of—often unspoken—social norms and relational dynamics shared by a group of people. It is held in place and supported […]

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Ready, Set, Go!

By Randy Mayes / January 12, 2021

Okay, we have turned the corner on another year. And while it is true that January 1st is just another day, it offers you as a leader a tremendous opportunity to move your team forward to take new ground. The first of the year is a symbolic starting line for all you want to get accomplished […]

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You have a deadline

By Randy Mayes / June 1, 2020

Did you feel that surge of stress-induced adrenaline when you read the word “deadline”? Most of us do. Our mind and supporting body chemistry say it is time to get moving, to make things happen. Would anyone do their taxes if there was not a deadline? Would students hand in their homework? Of course not. […]

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Is Your Team Dysfunctional?

By Randy Mayes / June 12, 2019

In his now classic book, “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team,” Patrick Lencioni lays out the 5 key ways in which teams undermine their effectiveness: 1. Absence of Trust 2. Fear of Conflict 3. Lack of Commitment 4. Avoidance of Accountability 5. Inattention to Results My friend Nathan Lozeron does a great job explaining the […]

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The Accountability Myth

By Randy Mayes / June 1, 2018

I frequently hear leaders talk about the difficulty of holding their people accountable. Holding someone accountable is an elusive goal. Even if you can hold someone accountable in any given moment, who has the time, energy and bandwidth to hold someone else accountable on an on-going basis? The only person you can effectively hold accountable […]

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