Do you celebrate?

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Imagine how your culture would shift if you put as much energy into celebrating your team’s achievements as they did to accomplish them.

My challenge for you as a leader is to become your organization’s celebration czar.

Shift your focus from what is wrong to what is right.

Find ways to celebrate the big and small wins. Creating a culture of celebration and honor takes intentionality. Paul Zak, in his book Trust Factors, gives the following tips –

  • Do it when it is not expected
  • Make it tangible – a card, a gift, a special dinner
  • Get personal – one size does not all
  • Link it to a goal
  • Take it public
  • Celebrate timely
  • Sprinkle in spontaneity

What deserves to be celebrated? Anything you want to be repeated!

Great leaders honor and recognize their team’s accomplishments naturally because they are constantly looking for the good. Shift your focus, celebrate well!


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