The speed of relationship

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Society beckons us to move faster, run harder, and produce more. So we invest in better software, the latest technology, and the next shiny thing that promises better results. 

But I have a hunch.

Maybe the key to growing your organization is learning to move at the speed of relationship.

What does that mean?

It means that we lead our teams from a position of knowing them. We see past their work performance to articulate what drives them, how to inspire them, and how to support them. 

Moving at the speed of relationship is not easy. It requires discipline, investment, and intention. You cannot grow a thriving company without relationships.


Moving at the speed of a relationship requires discipline:

  1. It slows you down.
  2. It begs you to set technology aside.
  3. It requires you to get to know that person outside of their ability to perform.


We all know that relationships require an investment of both time and money.

  1. For both you and them.
  2. It removes you both from the doing and asks you to practice being.
  3. It just might cost you a cup of coffee or two. (If you’re doing it right.)

Potentially an oat milk latte if you are dealing with those Gen Z’ers or Millennials.


The word intentional is defined as “being done on purpose; deliberate.” Open communication, healthy feedback, and effective collaboration don’t happen on accident. Building teams that trust each other takes intentionality. And it’s worth the effort.

Now I know you can’t know everyone on your team to this extent depending on your team size. That’s why investing in your leadership team is crucial to your organization’s culture and success.

Provide your leadership team with the tools and support they need to lead people well. Our Leadership Training equips them with:

  • Self-awareness with a focus on strengths & weaknesses
  • Effective communication, motivation, and delegation skills
  • How to leverage their team’s strengths
  • Direct access to a leadership coach

Your people are smart, capable, and motivated – they just need leaders who believe in them! Investing in a solid leadership team is the quickest way to build a healthy culture, a fulfilled team, and a successful business.


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