Consistency & Time: The keys to building mutual respect

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My wife and I recently had the privilege of taking a 10-day road trip in our RV. On our way home, we visited the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. The signature geographical feature there is called Natural Bridge. As you can see from the picture, it is majestic to behold. The crazy part is, this magnificent bridge is formed when wind and water chip away at the land underneath over time.

Relationships, both good and bad, are formed in a similar way – through consistency and time.

The result of our human interactions can vary widely but your best chance of a positive outcome is approaching every situation and conversation with respect.

Modern neuroscience has identified mirror neurons in the brain that cause us to reflect, or mimic what we see from others naturally. This principle is the foundation to building Mutual Respect within your team.

Because of how we are biologically wired, if you approach someone with skepticism and distrust, they will likely reciprocate. On the other hand, If you approach them with openness and respect, they will likely respond in kind.

And even if they don’t have respect for you to start with, the easiest way to move them in that direction is to lead by example.

I believe that people are smart, capable, and motivated. When I see them through this lens, it compels me to treat them with respect. And when I approach them this way, it inspires them to prove me right. This is the very definition of Mutual Respect.

Set the stage for success. It is hard not to like someone who is consistently warm, caring, and attentive.

Pursue mutual respect with your people – it’s the natural bridge to better relationships, higher trust, and ultimately better results.


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