Enjoy the journey.

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I just got back from a week-long trip to Alaska. This time of year, it is light 24 hours a day and we attempted to make the most of every hour of daylight We had a wonderful time. My wife and I went to see our son and daughter-in-law. We ate like pigs, played cards, and explored the wilderness, including a hike up a mountain to an overlook of the Knick Glacier. 

I intentionally set aside the pile of work that never seems to shrink so I could fully disengage and rest. Now that I’m home, I feel refreshed! My creative juices are flowing and tasks that typically bog me down are somehow simpler.

Sometimes as leaders, we get so focused on the end goal that we forget to enjoy the journey.

Success is not a destination it is how we journey.

The voice in our heads says go, work, just keep pushing. I would like you to consider taking your foot off the gas and take time to get away and recreate. 

The word recreation is derived from “re” which means to do again and create. Recreation literally means to recreate yourself – to refresh and renew. 

When you have worked long and hard on something but can’t seem to make traction, you need a breakthrough. This is your mind and body’s way of calling a timeout. Not only is it necessary for your health to rest but it boosts creativity and you’ll gain a new and fresh perspective.

In the world I grew up in, you worked hard to earn the right to take a vacation. Take time off not because you earned it, but instead because it will make you more productive. 

Some leaders push back and say, “I come back to a mess. It’s just not worth it.” If this is the case, you need to take a deeper look at yourself as a leader. Leadership is not about you. Leadership is about the cause, the mission, and your team. If everything depends on you, you still have work to do. 

What isn’t covered while you’re away? Who is equipped and empowered to make decisions? Do they have everything they need to be successful?

If any of these caused a pause because it’s a gray area, give us a call. The first meeting is on us and together we’ll discover what’s keeping you chained to your office. Let’s schedule it and make it happen so you can enjoy the journey!


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