Are you leading or lagging?

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We frequently help our clients establish KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. They are simple, clear, and compelling ways for your team to see if they are winning in real-time. Indicators, in general, will either be lagging or leading. A lagging indicator tells you what happened. It is about history. A leading indicator helps you create the future.

Are you focused on the past or the future?

Are you looking primarily through the rearview mirror, or are you looking ahead and building a better future?

In Gallop’s State of the American Workplace report, they identified the four biggest reasons people follow a leader. Along with trust, compassion, and stability, hope was on that list. Your team not only wants you to help them make sense of the chaos, but they want you to help them build a better future.

Hope is the fuel to a better tomorrow.

The recession conversation has been with us for the better part of two years. What I am seeing across multiple industries is that the leaders who focused on growth and hope are thriving. Those who hunkered down and started limiting their losses have struggled.

This is your time to step up and lead. To champion conversations of hope and possibility. My encouragement for you would be to focus on being a leader and not a lagger.


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