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I was sitting at a local coffee shop. In came a human train of preschoolers marching through the front door. True to form, one of those youngsters started pushing another kid. The preschool leader sternly looked at the child doing the pushing and said, “Use your words.” Conversations are the power cord for relationships. They help us plug into an invaluable source of energy connection and community. “Let’s talk” opens the door to all kinds of new possibilities. My advice to you as a leader is “use your words.”

Let’s consider three types of language. Language can be descriptive, destructive, or in the words of Chalmers Brother, “generative”.


Descriptive language is our normal default. We are telling someone about what we saw or experienced. It is the view from the rearview mirror.


Destructive language usually emanates from some kind of FUD: fear, uncertainty, or doubt. It focuses on what is wrong. It is easy to go there because our brains are wired to look for threats. Our brains subconsciously scan the environment five-plus times a second, looking for danger. No wonder it is so easy to give in to fear and negativity, but you don’t have to go there.


As leaders, we have a choice to chart a different course, to create something better. This is where generative language comes into play. You can create new opportunities with your words. Something as simple as, “Let’s grab some coffee”, opens the door to something more, something better than what currently exists, but it all starts with a conversation.

So if the essence of leadership is taking people places they would not or could not go on their own, then you have the responsibility to lead open conversations.

What new doors would you like to open? What new opportunities would you like to create? You have the power to create it today with your words.

At DRYVE we are all about generative conversations. Let’s have one soon and see what we can create together. Schedule a one-on-one complimentary coaching session with one of our business and leadership coaches.


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