Do you measure up?

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I have been doing executive coaching professionally since 2005. I have coached doctors, lawyers, business leaders, PhDs, surgeons, CEOs, and genetic scientists. As odd as it may sound, I have become convinced over time that one of the biggest things holding leaders back is not that they think too highly of themselves. They actually don’t think highly enough of themselves. They have earned all the certificates, awards, and credentials one can imagine, and it is still not enough.

Parents told us what we were doing wrong. Teachers marked up our school papers with red ink and “constructive” criticism. All that negativity sunk in and unintentionally became part of our identity. In recent years, a whole body of psychological work has focused on what is referred to as the Imposter Syndrome. No amount of intellect, ability, or accomplishment will cure this problem. And as Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

The source of this problem is not what others think of us. It is what we think of ourselves.

One of the ways we set ourselves up for problems is when we focus on what we did not get done instead of what we did get done. And in a world with way too much to do, you will never get it all done. So here are a couple of practical tips:

1. Celebrate The Progress

Most of us create a “To Do” list that grows throughout the day and never gets finished. Don’t focus on what you did not get done. Allow yourself to recognize and celebrate the progress you did make. At the end of each day, reflect and list three to five things you accomplished. Enjoy the moment, acknowledge the success, and recognize that you are more than enough.

2. Give Yourself A Break

You already have everything you need to be overwhelmingly successful. You are a smart, capable human. If you partner with others and build a Shared Purpose, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You were never meant to do it all by yourself. Leadership is about you and your team doing it together.

We can’t ignore our need for community and there is undeniable strength in numbers. Building and coaching a motivated and successful team is no small feat. If you would like help building a strategy to grow and develop your people and your business, connect with one of our coaches to schedule your first strategy call. We’ll crush the imposter syndrome monster together!

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