What are they really saying?

 In Communication, Culture, Employee Retention, Leadership
By Tyler Head
That’s the fourth time this month. You just lost another member of your team to a remote position offering more money and flexibility. You were hoping to fly under the radar of the Great Resignation, but it’s kicked down the door of your organization and you’re not sure how many more people you can afford to lose. You’ve invested the best of yourself into cultivating a healthy team culture, building solid processes, and developing key leaders. What more can you do? The solution is simple.

You need the Listening Tour.

Gather information from your people, learn from them, dig into what they are noticing, what they view as their biggest challenges along with the biggest challenges of the organization. Find out what they’re really saying. It’s counter to what has traditionally been done. But it works. Rather than solving problems for your team – start by listening, so you can solve problems with your team.

Conflict and communication rarely coexist.

People don’t generally disagree; they just think they do. The latest findings in neuroscience suggest that when I am trying to convince you of my truth, subconsciously, the listener hears me saying that they are not as smart as me. You need me to set you straight – to enlighten you about the truth. Effective communication is a two-way process based on mutual respect. It is a meaningful exchange of ideas where two or more people discover the truth together. You know you have successfully communicated when you walk away with understanding and shared purpose. The Listening Tours create safe, honest and anonymous small groups that allow your team to identify problems and develop solutions together. Click below to take the first step to solving your organization’s biggest problems.
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