The Human Connection – Being Fully Human Makes You a Better Leader

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By Tyler Head
In the last insight, we told the story of a coach who made a conscious effort to connect with his players and coaches, even as the organization grew. In case you missed it, you can read the full article here.
His impact was felt throughout the league.
However, maybe shaking the hands of 500+ employees isn’t in your deck of cards or even plausible to entertain—for plenty of different reasons, and that’s okay.
But what is…
What are the ways you plan to or want to connect more with your people?
What’s doable, repeatable, and attainable with the size of your company to practically express to your people that you see them as intrinsically valuable and care?
The fundamental question is, how can you be more human with each other?
Harvard Business Review and INC Magazine align with the DRYVE Leadership Group approach.
See for yourself within the two articles below.
Take a deep breath. It’s a great thing.
Your people are incredible!
Building Confidence Around Showing Vulnerability
“In this article, the author explains how to show “confident vulnerability” and offers three ways to open up. It starts with using language — with ourselves and with others — that helps us remember that learning comes with practice. You can also create long-term improvements in your team’s psychological safety by sharing some of your personal developmental journey. Talk to your team about times in your life when you stumbled and got constructive feedback that you needed to improve and adapt. Revealing these learning moments signals that you are not threatened by feedback.”
5 Great Things Leaders Always Do
“More CEOs and heads of HR are coming to the full realization that a thriving work culture drives engagement, innovation, and high performance.
Yet culture doesn’t just happen. It takes strong, visionary leaders to create an environment to empower teams to reach their potential.
Here’s what they frequently give to their employees, which most managers often don’t…”
At DRYVE Leadership Group, we partner with leaders and their people to walk alongside you and your organization as we shift from a top-down model to a collaborative culture that results in healthier communication channels, employee engagement, and positive results. You see—the problem isn’t your people or your leadership…it’s actually the solution.
Think of DRYVE Leadership Group as your organization’s guide to better walking with your people, developing a shared purpose, and cultivating a collaborative culture that will DRYVE better business results.  
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