Squeaky Brakes—Wherever You Go There You Are

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Early last week, I was driving through town as the sun set, windows rolled down, taking in the multiple shades of orange painted across the sky. As I slowly came to a stop, I heard a faint squeaking. I looked around and saw a couple of other cars also stopping—confident that that squeaky noise was not coming from my car, I carried on.
As I made my way home, scrolling through my brain, wondering if the squeaky noise was me, what could it be…I did just have new tires put on my car; could that be it? Maybe it’s the rotors…but I had all new rotors put on earlier this year, so that can’t be it. Needless to say, further down the road and a couple of stops later—wherever I went, there I was…still in my car, with relatively new rotors, all new tires, and that same squeaking noise as I slowed down in traffic.
Eventually, I pulled in front of my house and began to wonder. How often in our organizations do we move around from department to department, meeting to meeting, from client interaction to check-ins with our team, and hear a faint squeak but think, “No way that’s coming from me.”
I am not saying you have squeaky brakes—however as people-leaders, business owners, and CEOs—wherever you go, there you are.
So, this little squeaky break scenario begs the question; What’s it like to work with me? What’s it like to be led by me? What’s it like to work with me on a team?
The best way for you to know and deeply connect with your team is to ask. Click here for a list of 10 game-changing questions to ask your people.
Have you ever asked your people questions like these and given them room and space to respond? You may become aware of something new, but at the very least, you will build connections and trust.
I am willing to bet – we at DRYVE are willing to bet, that your people would love the freedom to have more open, honest and meaningful dialogue on what it’s like to work with you and work with others on the team.
I know it may sound unnerving or even pointless but cultivating an open and honest conversation around what it’s like to work with you will most likely lead to more discussion around what it’s like to work together. This type of conversation happening often and openly will greatly benefit your organization from the top-down, bottom-up, and everything in between.
DRYVE would enjoy partnering with you throughout these crucial conversations. Schedule a strategy session with us today!
Think of DRYVE Leadership Group as your organization’s guide to better walking with your people, developing a shared purpose, and cultivating a collaborative culture that will DRYVE better business results.  
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