Do Your People Resemble Chickens?

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Traditionally, purpose has been used as a means to an end, a tool in which organization leaders will scream and shout from the rooftops, yet very few people outside of the creator(s) of this statement can even care enough to look at it twice. Just because your organization’s purpose statement is plastered across your company walls doesn’t mean your people are living it out. Or better yet, is it being lived out of them?
Purpose is old news. Shared purpose will transform your organization from the inside out, but it cannot come from the stuffy, six seats of the board room. It has to be handled, breathed in, grasped, and lived out from the human being that operates your day-to-day to the executive that hops on a Learjet for an afternoon meeting in Manhattan. You and your people must share a purpose.
We aren’t experts in your specific business area, nor are we claiming to have it all figured out. However, we are confident in this. The more people in your organization that lean in, weigh in, and buy in on this shared purpose, the more you will be able to sit back and actually lead your organization and serve your people. 
So I guess you could say we are claiming to be collaboration experts—we’ll try that on for size, and I’ll let you determine its viability.
If the traditional approach of purpose as a tool is not working and you are tired of using it, let’s schedule a strategy call. We will ask a lot of questions, and if it seems to make sense, we can even discuss how we have helped companies like yours identify and clarify their shared purpose and move from that place.
After all, clarity around a shared purpose will energize your company from the inside out. We are confident in that.
Don’t just take it from me, though; I’m a dang millennial. Check out what our past/current clients are saying—and they are Boomers. Click here for testimonial videos.
Until next time,
Tyler Head  
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