Three Questions that Will Change The Game

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By Tyler Head
Your people are complex beings who hunger for meaning, connection, and shared purpose, as are you. I am willing to bet that your people are far more interested in doing a good job than you think. Study after study has proven this point.
Your people want a deep and meaningful connection with leadership. In this insight, we will leave with you a couple of questions that will help you connect with each team member as a human being, not simply a human doing.
When we as leaders make a conscious effort to connect with the whole person at work—which means both head and heart—the ROI on this is absolutely incredible.
Below are three questions that you can take and make your own. We dare you. Watch what happens over time.
1. Hey, I notice you’re having a hard time with [fill in the blank]. Is there anything I can do to better serve you in this? Maybe resources, tools, or training?
2. In the meetings I lead, how do I show up? Please be honest with me.
3. How’s your day going?
Question 1 speaks directly to your team members and communicates that you are the type of leader who notices their effort, wants to help them grow, and will do what is in your power to help them do whatever is better.
Question 2 is bold and courageous on your end. Asking this question takes much humility and a ton of attempts—most of your people won’t be honest at first. But over time, they will, if you continually allow them to, with kind persistence.
Question 3 requires attentiveness to their answer and a little follow-up after that. This question communicates to your people that you view them as more than a producer, more like a human.
All three of these questions take great courage from a leadership stance—but how you tend to these and other questions of their kind will allow you to break down walls and truly connect.
Don’t let it be a one-and-done kind of thing. Consistent effort will drive this home for your people.
Talk to you guys soon.
A Millennial who wants to bridge the gap.
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