4 Critical Questions Every Leader Needs to Use

 In Communication, Employee Retention, Leadership
By Tyler Head
Listen, we understand the exhausting dealing with today’s workforce can be. Business leaders across the nation are struggling with the same issue. How do we stop pointing fingers and motivate people to move in the same direction? Better yet, how do you get your people to move on their own?
We’ve come to know that it is all about ENGAGEMENT around a shared purpose. How you engage with and invite your people into a shared purpose is extremely important. Learn to have power WITH your people, don’t exert power over your people.
Inviting in and engaging with is our bread and butter. It’s how we help companies like yours go from good to great—by highlighting and engaging with your greatest asset—Your People.
Below are a few key questions we love to help companies implement into their everyday language. Feel free to make them your own.
  1. What symptoms of this problem are you observing?
  2. Can we clearly articulate the problem in one sentence?
  3. Where/what do you believe to be the cause?
    1. Tell me more. [Note: These ARE magical words.]
  4. What are our next steps from here?
Are you ready to minimize your frustration and create momentum with your people? Then move from criticizing and telling your people what to do to engaging them fully in a conversation about what needs to be done and how to do it. Fully engage their heart, soul, and mind in your shared purpose and watch them step up to the challenge and be the employees you always wanted them to be.
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