Let’s Shake Hands with Our Technology

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By Tyler Head
We, as leaders, must develop and empower our people to utilize current technology and artificial intelligence. Not the other way around.
Knowing the value and differences between people and technology is imperative.  Let’s be honest, although only having compliant robots would be “easier,” the long-term effect would eliminate your organization’s most beautiful, necessary, and valuable asset: people—specifically, talented people who make only the kind of decisions humans can make.
Correctly understanding our technology and partnering with the right artificial intelligence can make our people more effective in their roles, increasing productivity and value for all stakeholders, including our customers. When it comes to decisions affecting humans, It is essential to remember that data, analytics, and artificial intelligence are best used to inform sound decision-making, not make decisions.
In an article published by Science ABC, the writers compare the idea of robots/AI and humans across the following five categories:  
  1. Adaptation
  2. Logical Ability
  3. Speech Recognition
  4. Speed
  5. Thinking, Planning, Decision-Making
Overarching highlights from this Science ABC article include:
  1. Humans are vital to a healthy and high-performance organizational culture
  2. Humans and Robots/AI can work exceptionally well together
We must continue to ask our teams how technology—robots—can support us in our trajectory and growth as an organization. After all, they are the ones that use these tools to increase the function and efficiency of the organization, which in turn drives higher margins. That’s a win for all parties!
Technology will never replace the human ability to adapt, overcome and connect on the heart level. In contrast, the robot’s ability to think without emotion and execute from that clarity is unmatched by a human. Overall, this is a win-win for leaders; to meld two worlds together and encourage our teammates to do the same. Suppose we learn how to progress forward with technology in its rightful place while our humans are honored for what they uniquely contribute to the organization. We believe this will cultivate a healthy and high-performing culture that will far exceed expectations.
At DRYVE Leadership Group, we fixate on cultivating more organizations that empower people to think critically, solve problems and utilize available resources to develop healthy, high-performing cultures!
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