It Is Cold Outside!

 In Goals, Strategic Planning
As I sit here and look out my window, I am confronted with the reality that Winter has indeed arrived. That crazy groundhog was spot on. Ice, snow, and sub-freezing temperatures are predicted for the next ten days. I am hunkered down and trying to survive. That is a natural response to brutal conditions.
Many of us have faced some pretty brutal circumstances over the last 12 months. It is completely normal to be feeling that stress. It’s okay to hunker down and feel frozen but know for certain that Spring is on its way.
In Southern Missouri, where I live, we start planting by the first of March. Now, in the heart of Winter, is the time to take action. Preparation begins before there are any signs of life. The ground may be frozen, but don’t let that stop you from taking proactive steps that will help you build a better future.
Get focused, take action, and change the future. That is what leaders do. Don’t let circumstances slow you down or cause you to retreat.
If you approach your situation with eyes wide open, those same circumstances that seemed overwhelming will provide you with opportunities you could have never imagined. Spring always comes after Winter, and challenges always produce opportunities.
Are you ready to change your organization’s future? We can help! Our experienced facilitators bring everyone to the table to help you determine and resolve the real issues. If you would like to know more about how to prepare for Spring, reach out to us at RandyMayes@DLG.Coach.
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