Ready, Set, Go!

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Okay, we have turned the corner on another year. And while it is true that January 1st is just another day, it offers you as a leader a tremendous opportunity to move your team forward to take new ground. The first of the year is a symbolic starting line for all you want to get accomplished in 2021 and beyond. The best way to achieve more this year is to get your team ready, set clear expectations, and go and take action.
Being ready means you have assessed where you are and have talked about where you want to go. It is commonly referred to as a SWOT analysis, but call it what you may; it is a critical foundational element. You can do this in isolation, but it is so much more effective to collaboratively do it with your team. Your people’s input will not only make your assessment more accurate, but they are much more likely to buy-in to any subsequent plan of action.
Besides involving your people, using an outside facilitator will make your overall strategic planning even more effective. An outside facilitator can help make sure everyone has a voice in the process, provide helpful objectivity, and maintain an outside perspective.
Based on what you discovered above you and your team need to build a doable plan of action. Set the stage. People naturally take action when they are clear about both the “why” and the “how.” Both of these are important. Your mission, purpose, or cause is the big picture “why” and your strategic plan is the “how”. It is highly unlikely that meaningful change will happen without a well thought out plan. Get off the gerbil wheel of the urgent and build a plan. It is the best way to produce a better future!
Don’t expect your team to seize the day if they are not clear about what they need to do. It will amaze you how much action your people will take when they are clear about what needs to be done. Plans alone don’t produce results. Meaningful, focused action produces better results, but it is unlikely that people will take the right action without a plan. Ensure that your team maintains momentum by regularly checking in with them on their progress. Celebrate wins and make adjustments along the way.
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