The Gift

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Gifts come in all sizes and shapes, but the best gifts do not come in a box or a bag. They come in the form of a human. Someone who is willing to get out of the way and be a change agent for good—a leader.
Many of the best leadership principles have humble beginnings. Not the least of which being those gleaned from The Christmas Story. As we put a bow on 2020, let’s reflect on three powerful leadership principles to sharpen your leadership in the year ahead.
The original Christmas gift was no accident. It was a well-thought-out plan with a very clear purpose.
Leaders don’t sit idly by and hope things will change. They don’t spend their time complaining and moaning. They consistently put together a plan and take the initiative daily. They take action to produce positive change. They are proactive rather than simply reactive.
The birth of Jesus was an intentional act that was part of a larger plan to bring about real and meaningful change. So, as a leader, what positive actions do you need to initiate?
The most effective leaders lead with grace.
The Christmas Story is one of a gift freely given with no strings attached. It wasn’t something we earned or deserved. The classic definition of grace is unmerited or unearned favor. Great leaders are continually asking, “how do I make a bigger contribution?”, “how do I add more value?”, or “how to do I help?” Your focus is on a greater purpose and others instead of yourself.
Grace is what changed the world. Grace is also the fastest way to change your organization for the better. So, as a leader, where can you extend more grace?
When I think of celebration, I can’t help but think of the Christmas carol Joy to the World. Christmas is truly a time of celebration and joy. Who doesn’t need more celebration and joy in their lives? Yes, it has been a rough year for many of us, but that is even more of a reason to be a leader who spreads joy and happiness. Help your team be intentional about celebration and gratitude for all the good things that have happened this year. So, as a leader, how can you best lead the celebration each day?
When applied with intentionality and consistency, these powerful principles can raise your leadership effectiveness and revolutionize your culture. As a leader, you have a unique opportunity to help those around you in the most personal of ways—to be a gift that brings about real and lasting change for good.
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