I Plan To Fail Next Year

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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” is as true today as when Benjamin Franklin first said it. At their core, leaders are change agents. They want to make a difference and change the status quo. My favorite definition of leadership is taking people places they would not or could not go on their own. How likely are you to lead your team through effective, meaningful change without a plan? Let’s face it, not very likely.
Robin Sharma said it this way, “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” This plan becomes even more powerful when co-created by a group of like-minded interdependent people, aka your team. Everyone has a clearer picture of what success looks like once a plan is created. Our minds immediately go to work solving the unknown, filling in the blanks, and solving problems. But, none of this happens without a plan.
David Rock, a prominent neuroscience researcher, has identified “Uncertainty” as one of the five main areas that creates a “Threat” response in our brains. When we are under a threat response, the blood flow is cut off to the prefrontal cortex, limiting our ability to problem solve and think rationally. A plan helps us change our focus from the things we can’t control and refocus on what we can control.
So, are you going to just sit there and hope things magically change next year? They won’t. At least, not for the better. Don’t spend another year on the same old gerbil wheel. Get focused, take action, and create meaningful change.
At the DRYVE Leadership Group, we specialize in helping leaders bring about meaningful change. Our expert facilitators can walk you through the entire strategic planning process and help you build a plan that will bring about real and lasting change.
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