The Business Owner (Leader) Experience

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Businesses consistently face the challenge of balancing the need to provide an extraordinary customer experience and develop a worthy employee experience—two sides of the same coin. Both elements help support organizational success, and you shouldn’t neglect either one.
One of my favored pursuits is to help businesses up-level their Business Owner Experience. Consider, if you’re a business leader, what systems do you have in place to provide self-care for you? You must place a priority on self-care, to ensure you are at your best so that the customer experience and the employee experience can be consistently delivered at the highest level.
Remember, you got into what you do because you have the heart to serve and bring value to others, but often you feel like you’ve been swallowed up by overwhelm, overwork, and way too much damage control. Consider the four steps below to strengthen the foundation of your Business Owner Experience:
  1. Look at your experience as it is now and imagine what you would like it to be like three years from now.
  2. Think about three things that you would like to grow bigger and better during the next three years.
  3. What three things can you eliminate or significantly reduce, to improve your leader experience?
  4. Then, to chart a path to your best business owner experience, ask yourself a remarkable variation of a question that Dan Sullivan asks. “If we were having a conversation around this subject three years from now, what has to have happened during that time for you to be delighted with your progress in having your ideal experience in your business?”
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