Four Powerful Steps to Get More of What You Want & Balance the Scales of Business

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By John Gibson
In business and life, there’s a constant balancing of the scales between fortifying needs and reducing company stressors. Let’s explore one strategy to improve the abundance ratio significantly. The power of “Lean-in > Weigh-in > Buy-in > Stay-in” is unmatched.
Some things that we perceive that we lack as business leaders could be:  self-motivated high-performing employees, increasing sales/customers, more enjoyment in our work, “time” to get everything done that we want to get done, more reliable suppliers, etc.
The things that we have too much of could be:  employee turnover, unmotivated team members, lack of sales, challenges, and so forth.
People, including us, are the common denominator of both sides of the abundance ratio scale. Like it or not, people are the key, and we must decide if we want to tap into the incredible power for good that they can be or be subject to the painful shortfalls of them if we do not. People are the gatekeepers of success for your business, but let me be clear, this does not mean controlling, cajoling, manipulating, telling, selling, or yelling to do so.
Instead, we tap into the incredible power of good that people—including ourselves—are capable of by including them. An assumption is that we have taken some of the other vital steps, such as placing them into the right and best positions for their success and adequately equipping them with the tools and understandings that are needed to bring you the utmost value.
A secret to this method is to draw people in such a way that they “lean-in.” When you make the employee experience and the customer experience overtly inviting, people want to explore further. They become curious and sense that it is safe, which is always the best state to bring them out of their “shells.”
Once they begin to lean in and then see the possibility for a shared purpose, they can start to feel safe to “weigh-in.” Meaningful dialogue is such a massive component to the well functioning of individuals and teams, and companies as well as in the sales process and gaining critical feedback. If people feel that they and their perspectives are genuinely valued and encouraged, they will naturally flow into the next step.
When people feel heard and have a hand in creating success, they then take the next step with you and start to “buy-in.” Your mutual respect and success occur at its most significant rate, and people are no longer doing something for you, but now, with you. All of those things that you wanted less of, to begin with, go away, and the things you wanted more of start to manifest. Everyone wins!
Once they buy-in, you no longer have a transactional relationship, but now you have a transformational relationship. When you get to this place, now you have the best chance for them to “stay-in.” When people have been invited to lean-in, and then weigh-in, it leads to buy-in, and they will stay in, provided we continue to grow an environment where these fertile conditions continue. Customers don’t shop you as much; employees aren’t there just for a paycheck, and even suppliers want to do more.
Think through how you can create and leverage this phenomenon all through your company and your life, and you indeed will be on the road to more of the good and less of the…
That said, these are the kind of outcomes and high-performance culture that DRYVE Leadership Group helps you build. We specialize in walking you through the entire implementation process. Please reach out to us to learn more, and here’s to you having more of the good!
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