Why Employees Are Really Quitting

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Everywhere you go, the landscape is littered with “Help Wanted” signs. They are in windows, posted by curbs, and even showing up on major billboards. Companies are desperate for employees. In many cases, entry-level starting wages have almost doubled. Offering more money will not set you apart. There are too many jobs and not enough people to fill them. Millennials now make up the largest sector of the workforce. Unlike the generations that preceded them, they insist on more than a paycheck2. Millennials value a world that has meaning and purpose. They want to make a difference and choose relationships and experiences over material wealth.  

You’re in a talent war.

Today’s employee has plenty of job options. Your competition knows this and is going after your most elite team members, as you read. Keeping your staff intact is critical. According to the Gallop organization, 51% of people currently employed are looking for another job. You will not win the Battle for the Best with pay and benefits. Those who build great cultures will win in the end. That doesn’t mean adding a ping-pong or a Foosball table in the office. The best strategy for earning loyalty from today’s workforce is to build a healthy, high-performing work culture.
There are five key mistakes that employers make in the battle for the best talent. Understanding these mistakes is the key to dodge roadblocks and pitfalls and stay ahead of the competition.
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