Great Cultures Are Built On Purpose

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In order to lay the foundation for great workplace culture, two essential questions must be answered. The first, is your organization making the world a better place? And the second, is your team aware of and focused on that purpose?

When you think about what attracts you to a brand or a company, is making them a lot of money a priority to you? Chances are the answer is, “No.”

Most people are motivated, especially in the long haul, by making a difference – being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Making the world a better place comes in all shapes and forms. The engineers who built my latest ride designed a full-size car that gets nearly 50 miles per gallon. They contributed to making the world a better place by reducing the amount of fossil fuels it takes to get from point A to point B. This eco-friendly adjustment came with little sacrifice in comfort or performance. In this kind of organization, profits are a byproduct of executing their mission well, but not the focus.

Now even if you, as a leader, get your arms wrapped around the first question, your employees still may not be clear about your purpose or cause. In other words, your “why.” Your “why” needs to be the heart and soul of your business. It is the reason you exist. It is your core identity. It is who you are.

We’re not talking about simply crafting a mission statement and throwing some core values on a poster. The purpose must be true. It must be real. Clear boundaries make it easier to attract the kind of people to your team who want to a part of what you are doing. You will also quickly identify those who are not a good fit.

Without this kind of north star, your purpose, you, and your organization will continue to drift. In the absence of an understood or compelling cause, people will create their own purpose. This typically dissolves into a myriad of personal agendas and departmental silos that undermine healthy culture.

With decades of experience, we’ve helped many companies just like yours define their purpose and communicate it to their teams. If you know you’re off course and would welcome a coach, call us today.

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