Tap into the power of dreams: A solution to get great employees to stay

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In his New York Times best-selling book, “The Dream Manager,” Matthew Kelly states, “It’s foolish to hope employees will be passionate and engaged about their work if they’re not passionate and engaged in their lives–yet a staggering number of people are not enthusiastic about their lives.”

Research shows that employees are more likely to stay and have greater levels of engagement when they feel their company has invested in them personally as well as professionally. The existing and developing workforce desires to feel and believe they are part of something bigger, something with greater meaning and purpose.

In a recent Gallup study, employees across all generations were asked which attributes they value most when considering a job at another organization. The ability to do what they do best and a greater work-life balance were the highest priorities.

We encourage you to retain your best people by helping them identify and pursue their dreams. This practice brings about a sense of loyalty which, in turn, leads to greater personal and professional performance. When people become focused, their habits and behaviors begin to change and it creates a lasting impact on their lives.

When you’re ready to transform your company, it starts with transforming your people…We can help you get started. You talk, we’ll listen.

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