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Do Crazy People Drive You Nuts?

People do what they do for a good reason, but remember it is for their reasons not yours. Have you ever observed someone else’s behavior and thought, “that person is crazy”? I know I have. The reason their behavior seems crazy to you is because if you were doing the same thing they were doing, it would seem crazy. It is not your behavior, it is their behavior.

When was the last time you did something that you thought was utterly stupid, but did it anyway. Not very likely to happen, right?  People do what they do for a good reason, based on their own perspective. It may not be the math you or I would use, but in their minds it was the logical thing to do.

So what pratical application does this all have when you see someone acting crazy? You can bask in the certainy of your own perspective or you can drop your judgement and become curious. For us as humans, judgement rarely serves us well. Becoming curius opens all kinds of new possibilities including the possibility of improving your relationship with ”crazy” people.

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