If You Want to Be Heard, Shut-up and Listen 

 In Communication
One of my favorite sayings is that Conflict and Communication Rarely Coexist. People don’t generally disagree, they just think they do. The latest findings in neuroscience suggest that when I am trying to convince you of my truth, at a subconscious level the listener hears me saying that they are not as smart as me. You need me to set you straight – to enlighten you about the truth.   Effective communication is a two-way process based on mutual respect. It is a meaningful exchange of ideas where two or more people discover truth together. You know you have successfully communicated when you walk away with a better understanding of shared truth and a deeper connection. The more you listen, the better you will be understood. If you stop talking you will be in a much better place to hear what is going on and build a better understanding of truth together. Isn’t that ultimately what effective communication is all about anyway?           
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